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Testimonials - Read what our clients have to say

Saravanan S.

I had a neck sprain and upper back pain.
I couldn’t even get off from my bed at early morning.

I met with Dr.Chris, he was able to fix my back pain in a single day.
And eventually he fixed my neck pain in a week.

He was very friendly and very dedicated.

- Saravanan S.

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Dr Connie L Kaplan, PsyD

Dr Chris is a true find – knowledgeable, skilled, and caring. From sports injuries to Eustachian tube problems, or preventative care – he’s my go to chiropractor. Thanks, Dr Chris

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Steven P

Chris is a great Dr. He’ll listen intently as you describe your symptoms and provides great feedback. I’ve seen him a handful of times, and thankfully it’s never for the same reason (excluding follow-ups) as he actually looks to fix my issues instead of trying to keep me coming in just for the business.

Read more reviews at: http://doctorbase.com/

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